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  • Chevron case finds trial lawyer in court after remarks caught on video

    It's a precedent-setting court case that is playing out like a soap opera. A celebrity lawyer, triumphant after winning the biggest environmental judgment in history, is in danger of causing his own downfall as he is caught on video appearing to admit to misconduct and fraud — just the latest twist in a high-stakes, decadeslong court battle over oil pollution in the Amazon rain forest.

  • With a gas mask on his head, Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, center, gestures as he runs away from tear gas during a protest of police officers and soldiers against a new law that cuts their benefits at a police base in Quito, Ecuador, Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010. There were no reports of serious violence against the government, but Correa was hospitalized due to the effects of tear gas after being shouted down and pelted with water as he tried to speak with a group of police protesters. (AP Photo/Patricio Realpe)

    EDITORIAL: An Ecuadorian racket

    Ecuador's case against California's Chevron Corp. has boomeranged against the plaintiffs' lawyers. Today in Manhattan, federal District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan is considering a RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) complaint Chevron filed Feb. 1 against attorneys and consultants targeting the oil giant.

Chevron executive Silvia M. Garrigo (left) and others are renewing calls to have Ecuador's trade status with the U.S. revoked. "The only remedy [in Chevron's legal battle with Ecuador] is for the preferences to be suspended," said Chevron spokesman Kent Robertson (right).

    EDITORIAL: Assassination threat by Chevron accusers

    Courts continue to expose the skulduggery of an Ecuadorean lawsuit against American oil giant Chevron Corp. On Tuesday, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals smacked down the plaintiffs and backed District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan's order allowing Chevron to continue discovery efforts to prove the lawsuit is fraudulent. Judge Kaplan's Nov. 4 decision in the case uses particularly scathing terms to describe the conduct of the plaintiffs' American lawyer, Steven R. Donziger.

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