The Washington Times - October 28, 2011, 04:58PM

CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger takes a look at Gov. Rick Perry’s Campaign: 

Borger writes:  Call me crazy, but I recall when presidential candidates ran for the high office because they had things to say. The notion went like this: I have ideas that I think will be great for the country. I have thought about them, vetted them with experts, spoken about them throughout my career. I have refined them, many times, even changed some. And now I think it’s time to run for the presidency, armed with those ideas to present to the nation.

So imagine my surprise when, at a recent debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry turned to Mitt Romney and, with a certain amount of disdain, sniffed, “Mitt has had six years to be working on a plan. I have been in this for about eight weeks.” In other words, I’ll get back to you.

So, is it really a bad thing that Romney spent years working on ideas — changing some, obviously — to prepare for another presidential run? Or is it actually worse that Perry first had a team of consultants and strategists, and then got to work on the ideas part of the program?  (more)