The Washington Times - May 2, 2012, 05:14PM

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topics on deck today include: 

Maryland’s high court, last week, ruled DNA cannot be taken from individuals charged with violent crimes… this is on constitutional grounds and puts a stop to the practice of police in Maryland..

Frenchmena Dominique Strauss-Kahn escaped the criminal charges for his antics with the NY Hotel maid, but now NY’s high court says her civil lawsuit against him can proceed.

Juror in West Palm Beach, Florida tells judge he was pressured by other jurors into guilty vote in case of DUI Manslaughter trial of polo mogul John Goodman… will the judge order a retrial on jury tampering?

Supreme Court to decide if deportation ruling is retroactive…  immigrants who plead guilty to crimes have a right to be told that by doing so they run the risk of being deported.

Naples, FL man arrested and charged with FELONY for not paying for $1.00 cup of coffee from McDonalds

A case of foot in the mouth…Woman shopping in Target in Phoenix, AZ was bitten on the foot, by a man who dropped to the floor to do his chomping… man still on the loose….

US Drug Enforcement Admin. arrest 9 people; put them in holding cells; forget one of them and he’s there for 5 days… agents seized 18,000 Ecstasy pills, marijuana, prescription meds & hallucinogenic mushrooms in raid, along with some heavy artillery

Tip of the day:  Get rid of your pit bull in Maryland. The law recently changed making liability 100% and insurers will exclude this from your homeowner policy, so you’ll have to pay everything if Fido bites somebody.