The Washington Times - May 30, 2012, 05:22PM

It’s Wednesday at 5:15pm, time for attorney Paul Samakow…


Topics on deck today include: 

1.  Former superstar basketball weirdo Dennis Rodman in trouble for owing lots of child support. 

2.  Supreme Court to decide  (1) if after divorce, a disable Veteran’s disability pay should be included in calculations for spousal support, and (2) if the disability payments are “communal property” and therefore subject to being divided between the Vet and the spouse

3.  Supreme Court decided not to review appropriateness of use of stun guns by police… excessive force?  

4.  Is jury in John Edward’s case deadlocked?  It has been over a week and no decision by them yet… 

5.  1st Supreme Court keeps Pennsylvania man in prison after jury convicts him and lower level appeals court tried to let him out, and 2nd, despite what many legal analysts say is a simply wrong decision, Supreme Court allows a complete re-trial of an Arkansas man charged with capital & 1st degree murder.

Legal Tip For The Day: Can I record a telephone conversation without the other person’s knowledge?