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Andy Parks, Meet Dr. Milton Wolf

If you missed it, you must check out the podcast. Dr. Milton Wolf had a piece in today's Commentary Section and speaks to Andy Parks LIVE. More info here:

Welcome To Day Three!!

Andy Parks Live From The Washington Times is ON THE AIR! Thanks to everyone who's been following the show on our first week. Take a look inside for some of the great guests we have planned for today....

And We're Off!!

Welcome to the first ever Andy Parks Live From The Washington Times! Check out pictures of our studio overlooking the amazing newsroom of The Washington Times...

Diversity Defined?

Washington Times Editorial headline reads Obama: Whites need not apply. What do you make of an executive order on diversity? What does diversity really mean?

Will We Ever See $2 Gas?

Do you think we'll ever see $2 per gallon gas again? Can Michele Bachmann really stand by this promise? Would you expect this to come back to haunt her? Do you remember the first time gas prices rose about $2? Did you ever think prices would be where they are now? Who do you blame for rising gas prices?

Who's Not Ready For College?

Were you ready for college when you left high school? Do you think your kids are ready? Can you believe that THREE out of FOUR students are not fully prepared? If it's true, why do you think it's happening? What can be done to change this? Are we lowering standards for our high school students or asking too much of them once they land on their college campus?

A Tale Of Two Texans

Are we in a Perry vs Bush world? Is it fair to compare the two? Do you think that former Bush aides will hurt Perry's chances? What do you think of Governor Perry as a candidate?

Gaining Some Spectrum

What is spectrum and why do we care? We check in with Steve Largent, now president and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association.

We Go Inside...

Rolling Blunder, Bus Force One, Running on Empty, America Under the Wheels, Hell on Wheels, Beast Bus... what could this POSSIBLY be describing? We'll go Inside The Beltway with Jennifer Harper to find out:

Are You A Foodie?

Do you consider DC a restaurant hotspot? How important are reviews? Do you consider yourself a foodie? And if so, how do we rate to other major cities in terms of our options?