The Washington Times - June 19, 2009, 08:26AM

Why were House Republicans holding an off-the record meeting on health care with the liberal Dr. Patch Adams Thursday morning?

An email about the meeting sent from Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston’s office was obtained by the Washington Times from a disgrunteld GOP staffer who questioned why any Republican would seek Dr. Adam’s advice.

Dr. Adams’s unconventional approach to treating patients, like preparing a noodle bath for a sick woman for example, was made famous in the 1998 film “Patch Adams” in which he was portrayed by actor Robin Williams. Today, Dr. Adams leads the Gesundheit Institute that supports a single-payer health care system.

Mr. Kingston organized the event said, while he might not agree with Dr. Adams on everything they did both support the need to preserve the doctor-patient relationship and leave room for out-of-the-box solutions to medical problems in the health care system.

Most members of the GOP oppose single-payer health care, but “when a guy walks in with blue socks and blue hair and wants more love, more fun and creativity, who doesn’t want that,” said Mr. Kingston in a phone call with the Washington Times.

Mr. Kingston said they stayed out of the “weeds of policy” in their meeting, but the GOP did discuss how to bring more of an entrepreneurial approach” to health care.