The Washington Times - March 13, 2009, 05:15PM

Arianna Huffington’s liberally-leaning Huffington Post has launched a new media monitoring project to track chatter on television, radio and newspapers.

Blogger Jason Linkins wrote, “When a big media story is breaking, like this week’s face off between Chris Matthews and Ari Fleischer, the resulting crush of emails has been a great boon to us as well, because it represents an explosion of reader passion in real time, and gives us at the Huffington Post the opportunity to pitch content appropriately.”


Previous posts by Linkins suggest the project will be powered by Huffington Post readers who will submit “tips” on the site about interesting exchanges taking place in various media outlets.

Before launching this project the Huffington Post, which covers politics as well as pop culture items, has frequently featured televison clips on their site for viewers to watch online.