The Washington Times - October 1, 2009, 10:27AM

A GOP congressman said he believed U.S. military generals may soon resign if President Obama does not come up with a clear strategy to win the war in Afghanistan.

Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin, told the hosts of the Washington Times’ “America’s Morning News” radio show that he believed if Mr. Obama did not give them needed resources to conquer al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, they may resign in protest.


Mr. Obama met with his national security team to plot a plan for Afghanistan Wednesday evening, but no plan has yet been announced. Reports filed by The Washington Times Wednesday morning said Mr. Obama’s advisors are split between adding more troops or utilizing a drone force to hold the Taliban off. U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal has said he would need an additional 40,000 troops in the war zone.

But, the longer the White House takes to determine their path ahead, the longer troops must wait to carry out their orders.

While they wait, Mr. Ryan said their generals may grow inpatient and frustrated.

AMN Host John McCaslin asked Mr. Ryan Thursday morning if he was concerned about U.S. generals or other military personal resigning or retiring earlier if Barack Obama does not deploy what they need in Afghanistan?

“Sure, I think that’s a legitimate concern,” Mr. Ryan said. “The president does deserve time to think this through, but not, I think, a lot of time, only because right now we have a strategy that is not working. Our generals are telling us that. That puts our soldiers at risk. So we have people over there who are risk because they are not being guided by a good strategy that keeps them safe, that gets this thing turned around. And if the president chooses just to not to do that but stay there, then I think you will see that kind of thing happen. Then I think you’ll see those kinds of resignations. I think commanders in the field or the commanders at CENTCOM might conclude, ‘Look, if you’re not going to give me what I need to win this war, why would I stay here and try and manage this war if I don’t think I can win it?’ ”

UPDATE 12:13pm: This statement comes from Mr. Ryan clarifying his earlier comments: “I remain in steadfast support of our troops’ valiant efforts in Afghanistan, and have full confidence in the leadership and wisdom of General McChrystal.  In addition to redoubling our efforts to train and equip Afghan security forces, it is clear that additional troops are necessary to reverse recent insurgent gains in Afghanistan.  Having read General McChrystal’s full report, I believe it is imperative that Congress provide the necessary resources to combat the growing insurgency, and to ensure that Afghanistan is capable of governing its own territory, protecting its borders, and never again represents a safe haven for terrorists.  In a post-9/11 world, we cannot let up in our fight against violent radical extremists – the safety and security of our nation depends on it.”