The Washington Times - October 21, 2009, 10:27AM

An anonymous quote from a staffer for Senate Majority Harry Reid who said they would “vaporize” their GOP opponent in the 2010 race was an obvious sign of how hard Nevada’s senior senator is willing to play to keep his seat.

Former Chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party and gaming executive Sue Lowden, who is pursuing the GOP’s nomination to become their 2010 Senate candidate, said she expected to hear that kind of talk sooner or later.


“We know this is going to be a mudslinging, negative, dirty race and anyone who gets in the race knows that this is Harry Reid’s style,” Mrs. Lowden told the Washington Times over the phone Wednesday morning. “You’ve got to be prepared for that. It wasn’t a surprise that he was coming out so negative. Vaporize is a very powerful word. It means to destroy someone.”

For now, Mrs. Lowden says she is focused on introducing herself to Nevada voters and discussing job creation. The mother of four and former anchorwoman feels she’s “uniquely qualified” for the U.S. Senate, coming from a mixed background of news, business and GOP leadership.

“I have experience with budgets and payroll and taking risks in the real world,” she said. “I’m not a professional politician and I am going to point that out. I have been in the real world.”

One of her biggest worries is the high unemployment rate in her state, the second highest in the nation. “How high does unemployment have to go before we stop spending money we don’t have?” she said, noting that the $787 billion economic stimulus has not significantly helped her state.

Mrs. Lowden said if she were in Washington while the bill was being considered, she would have opposed it and plans to question Mr. Reid’s judgment and handling of the bill in her campaign.

“The Majority Leader is going to come home and say he is the Majority Leader and delivers for Nevada,” she said. “Well, since you crafted the stimulus bill and gave it to the President for his signature and you say it’s going to create jobs, why are we 50th in getting that funding? Why aren’t we first or second or third?”

“I wouldn’t have voted for it in the first place, but if you are going to run on it and craft it why are we 50th?” she asked.

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