The Washington Times - October 6, 2009, 12:33PM

Not only did the four doctors who flanked President Obama at his White House press event on Monday recommend his plan; three out of four of them donated to his presidential campaign.

It could be an ad slogan to put the toothpaste marketers who like to brag that nine out of ten doctors recommend their brand to shame.


The four doctors who stood and clapped along with Mr. Obama’s plans were Dr. Mona Mangat of St. Petersburg, Florida, Dr. Hershey Garner of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Dr. Richard A. Evans of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, and Dr. Amanda McKinney of Beatrice, Nebraska.

Campaign finance records made available by the Center for Responsive Politics show three of them gave thousands to Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign. Dr. Manget gave $500, Dr. Garner gave $4,415 and Dr. McKinney gave $1750.

Obama with doctors


No campaign donations were found in the 2008 election cycle for Maine-resident Mr. Evans.

“Accordingly, 3 out of 4 doctors agree, contributing to the President’s campaign gets you a great photo-op!” joked one Republican Hill staffer who wished to remain anonymous.