The Washington Times - April 22, 2010, 05:36PM

   I’ve spent the week pursuing other religion stories (never rains but it pours here) but wanted to note that Franklin Graham has been disinvited from speaking at the Pentagon during the National Day of Prayer (NDP) on May 6. Here is how his website describes the event.

    Here’s the NDP’s Facebook page describing the dis-invite. I attended Mr. Graham’s 2003 appearance at a Good Friday service and it was a pretty tame 12-minute sermon in the Pentagon’s fifth-floor 270-seat auditorium. Three Muslim employees had complained about his presence even back then, but the Pentagon chaplain’s office informed them that plenty of other employees wanted to hear Mr. Graham speak.


   That was then. In the past few days, all sorts of folks have been piling on the evangelist, angry that he will not back down from his remarks about Islam being a violent religion. Late Thursday afternoon, Mr. Graham said the Army had withdrawn its invitation. One group that was particularly happy about the disinvite was the Council on American Islamic Relations. See their Facebook page here.

   Thoughts, anyone?

 - Julia Duin, religion editor