The Washington Times - April 29, 2010, 01:42PM

This is so creepy, I can’t believe it. I no sooner got finished reporting here on China’s trade in human organs filched from Falun Gong cadavers that I saw this piece in the London Times. 

Apparently, officials in Guangdong province in southern China don’t have enough sterilizations on the books, so they are forcing people to show up at the medical clinic to get the job done. If you don’t show up fast enough, your relatives get dragged into the hospital and sterilized whether they deserve to be or not. Doctors are working 22 hours a day to get them all done, it said.


The goal is to sterilize some 10,000 people whom the Chinese say already have had more than their alloted share of children. This is the same country that forces a woman to abort — even at the ninth month — if she’s had more than her allotted share of pregnancies.   

The London Telegraph also covered the forced sterilizations here. And the group Women’s Rights Without Frontiers calls this a “crime against humanity,” with additional background here

For much of its populace, China is a place where hell is in session. 

— Julia Duin, religion editor