The Washington Times - May 10, 2010, 02:32PM

In less than a month, now, Ken Starr, now dean of Pepperdine University’s law school, will take over the presidency of Baylor University. Every so often, I listen in on a list serve for people interested in the Intelligent Design theory (how the Earth was created) which is where I saw this link on what Mr. Starr’s move to Texas might mean.

Mr. Starr was in the Washington area until 2004, when he moved to lovely Malibu, Calif., for the Pepperdine position. And now he’s headed for the less lovelier plains of central Texas where he, as a member of the Church of Christ, will take over the world’s largest Baptist university, described here. Note the place has had four presidents since 2005, not counting Mr. Staff. This essay here describes some of the background battles going on at Baylor between secularists and the more religiously minded. I don’t often send readers to competiting publications, but I felt this essay by the New York Times’ new religion columnist caught the gist of what’s happening at Baylor and the issues at stake in an era where it is easy for a Christian university to water down its beliefs.


Considering Baylor’s recent history, here’s to Mr. Starr being able to retain his job.

- Julia Duin, religion editor