The Washington Times - May 13, 2010, 05:24PM

     Ever think you’ve been to enough churches where the worship leaders show up in T-shirts, or checkered logger shirts and jeans in a race to see who can be the most informal? Where the rock music feels the same as the next theater church down the street? When the light show during worship hurts your eyes? Where everyone is wearing those tiny black-framed glasses that look so ugly? Check out this video that’s making the rounds or search for ‘Sunday’s Coming movie trailer’ on 

    It’s darn funny. I got it off a web site called which has mostly Catholic stuff but it did have this. It’s a take-off on Mark Driscoll and those who copy him. For those who do not know, Mark is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I’ve been there once and this clip pretty well nails it. But Mars Hill is not the only place that lets you saunter in with a Starbucks latte grande in hand. We’ve got some good local candidates in the DC area as well. Which is one reason I wrote a book called “Quitting Church” because so many of us can’t take it any more.


    Makes you want to go back to the days of prayer, fasting and Gregorian chant, doesn’t it?

- Julia Duin, religion editor