The Washington Times - September 12, 2007, 04:26PM
aiming to cash in President Bush’s assertion the United States is “kicking ass” in Iraq SEE RELATED:

\ \ \ \ Dear Friend,\ \ We cannot allow the shame that is America’s involvement in Iraq to continue any longer.\ 3,600 American soldiers have given their lives in this botched and misguided war — Americans, with families, whose deaths are inestimable losses for those who love them.\ Meanwhile, last week President Bush told the Australian Prime Minister that America is “kicking ass” in Iraq.\ “Kicking ass?”\ What does our President think this is, a high school football game? Where is his leadership? Where is his sense of proportion? Where is his compassion?\ As President Bush bantered about Iraq as though it were a game, another 28 American soldiers died this week.\ This cannot continue. Congress must act to end the war. And with all the force I can muster, I am urging Congress to act now.\ …\ Iraq is not the disease — it is a symptom. The disease is arrogance.\ 28 more American servicemembers died this week, in the service of our President’s ego — his fear of failure, his reluctance to change course, his attention to political considerations over the lives of American men and women in uniform.\ The President has abdicated his responsibility, and Congress has a duty to act. And our Congress is failing us.\ …\ Clinton, Obama and Edwards all share the inside-the-Beltway thinking that a complete withdrawal of all American forces would be “irresponsible.” But the facts suggest that a rapid, complete withdrawal—not a drawn-out, Vietnam-like process—would be the most responsible and effective course of action. Those who think we need to keep troops in Iraq misunderstand the Middle East.\ …\ My plan is clear and consistent, and you can read it here. Congress must vote to de-authorize the war — and set a timetable to bring every one of our troops home now.\ I’m the only major Democratic Presidential candidate who’s insisting on action now. \ …\ Sincerely,\ Governor Bill Richardson Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times