The Washington Times - September 5, 2007, 11:36AM
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\ \ Sen. Joe Biden\ Drink name: The Joe Biden\ Drink: Hendricks Martini\ Why: A traditional drink for a traditional, lifetime politician\ \ Sen. Sam Brownback\ Drink name: The Brownback Special\ Drink: Chocolate Martini\ Why: The chocolate represents the “Brown” in Brownback\ \ Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton\ Drink name: The Hillartini\ Drink: Cosmopolitan\ Why: The drink is pink and feminine, yet strong and bold\ \ Sen. Chris Dodd\ Drink Name: Milk Dodd\ Drink: Brandy, Dark creme de cacao, Half & Half, fresh nutmeg\ Why: This drink will appear white to represent Dodd’s much talked about white hair.\ \ Sen. John Edwards\ Drink Name: Johnny Rocket\ Drink: Southern Comfort, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice\ Why: The Southern Comfort represents Edwards’ Southern roots\ \ Mayor Rudy Giuliani\ Drink Name: The Giuliani\ Drink: Apple Martini\ Why: Giuliani was the mayor of New York City (a.k.a. The Big Apple)\ \ Sen. Mike Gravel\ Drink Name: The Gravel\ Drink: Hennessey and Coke\ Why: Gravel is the “dark horse” (a.k.a. long-shot) candidate, so this drink appears very dark, in color\ \ Gov. Mike Huckabee\ Drink Name: I Heart Huckabee\ Drink: Bloody Mary\ Why: Huckabee speaks about eating healthy, so this drink contains a nutritious mixer - tomato juice\ \ Rep. Duncan Hunter\ Drink Name: The Hunter\ Drink: Vodka on the rocks with tonic\ Why: A traditional drink for a traditional, conservative candidate\ \ Rep. Dennis Kucinich\ Drink Name: The Impeachment\ Drink: Stoli Peach, Stoli O, a splash of orange juice\ Why: Kucinich wants to impeach Cheney, so this drink has a peach taste\ \ Sen. John McCain\ Drink Name: Raising Arizona\ Drink: Straight Martini\ Why: A straight martini for a straight talker\ \ Sen. Barack Obama\ Drink name: The Obama-rama\ Drink: Goose O, Malibu, orange juice, cranberry, pineapple\ Why: This drink includes Malibu rum and tropical fruit mixers because Obama lived in Hawaii\ \ Rep. Ron Paul\ Drink name: The Ron Paul\ Drink: Texas Tea (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon, triple sec, sweet & sour mix, and Coke)\ Why: Paul is from Texas\ \ Gov. Bill Richardson\ Drink name: The Bill-rita\ Drink: Cucumber Margarita\ Why: Tequila and margaritas are a tradition of the southwest and Richardson is governor of New Mexico\ \ Gov. Mitt Romney\ Drink name: The Romney\ Drink: Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, soda (can add a shot of vodka, if customer wants alcohol)\ Why: Since Romney does not consume liquor; this is a non-alcoholic drink.\ \ Rep. Tom Tancredo\ Drink name: The Tanq-redo\ Drink: Tanqueray and tonic\ Why: His name sounds like a popular name of alcohol\ \ Sen. Fred Thompson\ Drink name: Law & Order\ Drink: Jack Daniels and Coke\ Why: Jack Daniels is a whiskey distilled in Thompson’s state - Tennessee
— Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times