The Washington Times - September 9, 2007, 11:10PM
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New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson inbox Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.)
\ \ Q: The same question, we’re going to ask, about immigration to all the candidates. Would you commit during your first year of the presidency, to immigration reform? … Senator Edwards, now [is] your time to respond.\ \ MR. EDWARDS: The answer’s yes, I would commit to do it, not just in my first year, but at the beginning of the Edwards administration. …\ \ You know, it’s interesting to me. When you walk into a Blockbuster to — to rent a movie, you don’t see anybody, but you hear a voice saying, “Welcome to Blockbuster.” We can figure out when somebody’s walking into a Blockbuster. It seems to me we can figure out when somebody’s coming into the United States of America, and especially if we use the technology that’s available to us. And I think that’s what the focus should be on — more Border Patrol, better use of technology, as absolutely a path to — to earn citizenship for those who are living here and who are undocumented.
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