The Washington Times - December 16, 2008, 07:10PM

I’m trying an experiment to post the best or brightest stories from around the Web, along with our breaking news updates each day.



So here’s a sample of what was seen and heard today:


President Bush wants his older brother to run for Senate in Florida.


The Obama transition team answered supporter questions online at


Rep. Xavier Becerra tells a Spanish-language newspaper he does not want United States Trade Representative job.


A petition urging Obama to review U.S. drug policy gets more than 37,000 signatures on Facebook.


Not everyone thinks incoming Education Secretary Arne Duncan is such a reformer, and some people make fun of his bad grammar during the press conference.


Could be worse, though: Obama tells school kids VP-elect Joe Biden doesn’t know his decimals.


But the news isn’t all bad for Biden. He and newly named Energy Secretary Steven Chu are top vote-getters on Kos poll asking “Which member of Obama’s cabinet would you most like to have over to your home for the holidays?”


Two loyal Biden aides and all-around great staffers Elizabeth Alexander and Annie Tomasini get official jobs working in the VP’s office, joining Time’s Jay Carney who is communications director.


If you live in New York, check out photo diva Scout Tufankjan’s book signing and Q&A for her campaign trail photo book “Yes We Can” tonight.


And I spent Monday in New York to cover Hillary Clinton’s debt relief fundraiser.


 Christina Bellantoni, White House correspondent, 
The Washington Times


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