The Washington Times - February 12, 2008, 06:50PM
February 12, 2008
\ The Honorable George W. Bush
\ The White House
\ Washington, D.C. 20500
\ \ \ \ Dear Mr. President:\ \ \ Nothing is more damaging to our moral authority and global standing than a failure to live up to the standards that we have embraced and promoted around the world. \ \ \ I write you today to urge you to stand for American values and remove your threat to veto the FY 2008 Intelligence Authorization Bill (H.R. 2082). I urge you to support the humane and effective standards for interrogation adopted by the U.S. Army; to reverse your opposition to applying these standards to the intelligence agencies, including the CIA and private contractors; and to unequivocally oppose practices like waterboarding, which are immoral, illegal, ineffective, and un-American. \ \ \ I have met and spoken with some of our nation’s most experienced and respected military leaders. They have told me that “torture is unlikely to produce accurate or actionable intelligence,” and can damage our security by producing false information. Many studies, including a 2006 report by the Intelligence Science Board, have reached conclusions that support this view. I believe, as do the military leaders I have consulted, that any sign of wavering on this issue by the Commander-in-Chief “will drop down the chain of command like a stone, and the rare exception will fast become the rule.”\ \ \ Our nation and our President must strongly and unequivocally stand for the rule of law — especially when we are under threat from an enemy that embodies the antithesis of our values. In the process of accomplishing what is essential for our security, we must hold onto our values and set an example we can point to with pride, not shame.\ \ \ Torture is morally wrong. It is against the law. It betrays our most fundamental values, damages our credibility around the world, and harms U.S. national security. I strongly urge you to bring the CIA into conformity with our values and principles by requiring that it abide by the Army Field Manual’s interrogation techniques.\ \ I am confident that whoever occupies the White House next January — Democrat or Republican — will take this important step and apply a single humane and effective standard of treatment that applies to the entire U.S. government. You have an opportunity to put our country on the right course now, so that the United States can once again lead by example.\ \ \ Sincerely,\ \ \ Hillary Rodham Clinton
Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times SEE RELATED: