The Washington Times - February 6, 2008, 02:40PM
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We had a huge night last night — we won the biggest states and the most votes, and we are ahead in the overall race for delegates. But this race is far from over.\ \ \ Voters came out in record numbers, not just to make history but to remake America. Thanks to your support and your votes, the momentum is solidly on our side. \ \ \ We don’t have time to catch our breath — the next races are just three days away, and there are 10 more contests in February alone. \ \ \ Let’s meet this moment with bold action worthy of those who have put their faith in us. We are setting a big goal for the next three days: raise $3 million to fund our history-making campaign. \ \ \ Contribute today to help us reach $3 million in three days. \ \ \ After seven years of a president who listens only to the special interests, America is ready for a president who brings your voice, your values, and your dreams to the White House. \ \ \ We had a great day yesterday. Now we must keep that momentum going. You have sustained me throughout this journey, and I am calling on you again to give our campaign the resources we need to win critical upcoming races. \ \ \ I’ve never asked so much of you as I am now: $3 million in three days. But the need has never been so great. \ \ \ Contribute today to help us reach $3 million in 72 hours. \ \ \ I will never forget all you have done to make this incredible success possible. I’m so proud to have you standing with me. \ \ \ This is our time, this is our place, this is our chance. \ \ \ Thank you,
\ Hillary
Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times