The Washington Times - February 7, 2008, 05:41AM
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I was writing a note to you about the state of the race after Super Tuesday when we got some startling news.\ \ \ The Clinton campaign just announced that Hillary and Bill Clinton injected $5 million of their personal fortune into her campaign a few days ago.\ \ \ This is a dramatic move, and a clear acknowledgement that our campaign has the momentum. We saw undeniable evidence of that last night as the results came in.\ \ \ Barack Obama won the most states and the most delegates on February 5th.\ \ \ We have gotten to this point thanks to an unprecedented outpouring of support from ordinary Americans.\ \ \ To date, more than 650,000 people like you have taken ownership of this campaign, giving whatever they can afford.\ \ \ The Clinton infusion of $5 million — and there are reports it could end up being as much as $20 million — will give them huge resources for the next set of primaries and caucuses.\ \ Thanks to you, we have raised more than $3 million since the polls closed on February 5th. But we have no choice — we must match their $5 million right now.\ \ \ We’re going to do it the right way, with small donations from people like you. It’s never been more urgent that you make a donation of $25 right now:\ \ \ Just two weeks ago we were behind by double-digits in many of the states that voted yesterday, but Barack won 13 states to 8 states for Hillary Clinton, with one state (New Mexico) still counting votes.\ \ \ This is an enormous victory, and it’s all thanks to you.\ \ \ We won yesterday because thousands upon thousands of individual supporters canvassed their neighborhoods, talked to their neighbors and friends, and made phone calls to remind their fellow supporters to get out the vote.\ \ \ And we accomplished all of this with a campaign funded by ordinary people giving only what they can afford.\ \ \ Yesterday was proof that America is ready for change — and that you are the force to make that change happen.\ \ \ But there’s still a long way to go before Barack becomes the Democratic nominee. In the next week alone, six more states will hold their primaries and caucuses.\ \ \ We need to match this $5 million personal contribution from the Clintons immediately and put these resources to work in the states that will vote next.\ \ \ …\ \ \ Americans had a clear choice to make yesterday, and they chose Barack Obama.\ \ \ Now let’s match this $5 million and take this campaign into the next stage.\ \ \ Thank you,\ David Plouffe
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CLINTON ANNOUNCES HUGE FUNDRAISING NUMBERS\ \ \ BREAKING…..\ \ \ IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS…\ \ \ Clinton had a MASSIVE day of online fundraising blowing past the $3 million dollar - 3 day goal.\ \ \ There’s an email appeal going out tomorrow for $6 million in 72 hours.\ \ \ THOUSANDS of NEW donors flooding in.\ \ \ Clinton keeping pace with Obama and MoveOn.\ \ \ Hillary’s loan to be paid back by supporters in 48 hours after Super Tuesday.\ \ \ Below is an unverified excerpt of Clinton’s email… ..\ \ \ “Now THAT is what I call two good days. Not only did we celebrate huge victories for Hillary all over the country on Super Tuesday, but you matched our success with a breathtaking show of support. You exceeded our $3 million goal in less than 24 hours. Incredible. So we’re doubling it to $6 million in 72 hours because of your amazing response.”\ \ \ developing… …\ \ \ DONATE to HILLARY\ $6 million in 72 hours!
Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times