The Washington Times - January 24, 2008, 04:28PM
Sen. Hillary Clinton

\ “I have a message for the press,” lawyer Kathy E. Adams of Powdersville said after asking a question about Afghanistan.\ \ \ “South Carolina is not what you are portraying it to be. I want it heard all over this country,” she said. “We don’t care about people’s color or their gender, we care about finding a leader.”\ \ \ The crowd applauded loudly.\ \ \ “This election is not about [the candidates], it’s about us, so please stop,” she said. “Let them talk about what we care about: the war, education, senior care, all of the issues the senator [and the other candidates] has brought up. This is about us, please make it about us.”\ \ \ “Amen, amen,” Clinton responded, nodding and adding: “Absolutely.”\ \ \ The crowd gave her a standing ovation as Clinton moved on to answer her question.\ \ \ The press, predictably, swarmed Adams when the event ended to get her name. (Yours truly was caught in the shot of at least 3 cameras.) \ \ \ Adams, a business consultant, said when traveling and watching reports about her state, “I was horrified by what I saw.” She deplored reports that focused on black voters, saying “It’s a new South. What do they think, we’re in hoop skirts?”\ \ \ As for her choice in Saturday’s primary, Adams said she will “probably” supporting Clinton. She had been a Joe Biden supporter before leaning toward Clinton.\ \ \ She said was “disappointed” by the exchange between Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama during the debate Monday. She said she is considering former Sen. John Edwards because she agreed he was “the only adult in the sandbox.”\ \ \ After letting several reporters interview her for a few minutes, Adams realized the cameras were rolling and asked she not be put on TV. It was a little late for that.\ \ \ Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times