The Washington Times - March 5, 2008, 06:42AM
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We may not know the final outcome of today’s voting until morning, but the results so far make one thing clear.\ \ When the dust settles from today’s contests, we will maintain our substantial lead in delegates. And thanks to millions of people standing for change, we will keep adding delegates and capture the Democratic nomination.\ \ We knew from the day we began this journey that the road would be long. And we knew what we were up against.\ \ We knew that the closer we got to the change we seek, the more we’d see of the politics we’re trying to end — the attacks and distortions that try to distract us from the issues that matter to people’s lives, the stunts and the tactics that ask us to fear instead of hope.\ \ But this time — this year — it will not work. The challenges are too great. The stakes are too high.\ \ Americans need real change.\ \ In the coming weeks, we will begin a great debate about the future of this country with a man who has served it bravely and loves it dearly. And we will offer two very different visions of the America we see in the twenty-first century.\ \ John McCain has already dismissed our call for change as eloquent but empty.\ \ But he should know that it’s a call that did not begin with my words. It’s the resounding call from every corner of this country, from first-time voters and lifelong cynics, from Democrats and Republicans alike.\ \ And together you and I are going to grow this movement to deliver that change in November.\ \ Thank you,\ \ Barack

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times