The Washington Times - February 6, 2009, 07:19PM

The newly revamped campaign arm for President Obama, Organizing for America, will bank more than 3,300 house parties this weekend as Obama intensifies his political push for the economic stimulus package.



I’ve obtained a copy of the email sent to the folks hosting parties across the country, along with a video from new Democratic National Committee chairman, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

“Don’t forget to gather stories and questions from your guests — they will be featured on to tell the story of the economic crisis, and our recovery,” the Organizing for America email reads.


Kaine, in his job as chairman just a few weeks, answers questions from Democrats, living up to a promise he outlined last month that yielded 30,000 questions.


The 13-minute Web video was entirely focused on the economy, with Kaine answering questions on the deficit, talking about “devastating” job losses and pitching the president’s stimulus package.


Kaine offered: “a special thanks to those who organized house parties in your communities to bring your fellow citizens together so you could learn and then debate and then advocate for the stimulus plan.”


“President Obama knows that the solutions to the challenges aren’t all in D.C.,” he said. “We have to have people in the communities and neighborhoods go to bat for this plan and make sure and stress how urgent it is that we pass it.”


“it will be your hard work and your pursuit of the American dream that will turn this economy around,” Kaine said.


He also sends supporters to and says the full details of the bill will be posted there once it passes the Senate, and urges people to visit to for more information.


In today’s briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, David Corn from Mother Jones asked several specific questions trying to pin Gibbs down on whether Obama would be activating his supporters to lobby for the stimulus bill.


“It’s often said, the government you get is equal to the government that you participate in,” Gibbs said. “I think he hopes that regardless of your opinion that people participate actively in decisions that affect them and their neighbors, particularly on an issue as important as moving this economy forward.”


As you can see, Gibbs didn’t really answer, but Kaine’s video suggests that’s exactly how the email list of more than 13 million will be used.


Here’s the Kaine video that will be played during the parties:





Note: The original post misidentified Corn’s employer. Updated with correction.


 Christina Bellantoni, White House correspondent,
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