The Washington Times - March 18, 2009, 09:26AM

President Obama recorded a 4-minute Web video for supporters that former campaign manager David Plouffe sent to the 13-million strong email list this morning.



It’s part of a new grassroots effort that I blogged about earlier this week to pass the president’s budget.


The Organizing for America video starring Obama presents the budget as challenging the status quo and confronting long-term issues.


The budget includes “investments that will make a difference in your lives and the lives of your children,” Obama says in the video, a similar message to what he delivered yesterday.


Because, he says, “We’re already hearing the same worn arguments,” Obama urges supporters to make phone calls, and get outside and knock on doors this weekend for an OFA2 canvass, “summoning that spirit that first gave us the chance for change.”


Here’s the note they emailed:

President Obama recorded a special message for you about the budget he’s submitted to Congress and what you can do to help it pass.

Watch the video now and take action to make sure your representatives know you support this new direction:

The budget President Obama has proposed isn’t the same old document Washington has come to expect year after year.

Right now, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally confront the systemic problems that have held America back for far too long in energy, health care, and education.

But it’s up to you to get involved and make it happen. Join a canvass this weekend and talk with everyone you know about the President’s plan to secure long-term prosperity for our families.

After watching the President’s video, you can also look up your elected representatives and let them know you support this new foundation for economic growth:


David Plouffe


Here’s the video:




 Christina Bellantoni, White House correspondent,
The Washington Times


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