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Stop the madness.





I love sports. I have run an NFL season and playoff pool for 9 years, I’ve watched my share of hockey games and have deep love for our home team Nationals.


But basketball infuriates me, and nothing is worse than March.


Every year I get a little sad in March as football season seems so far away and people stare at televisions with men running back and forth. And back and forth. And isn’t it only the last two minutes of the game that matters anyway?


I’ve just never understood the fascination.


Seems everyone is in on it (even this politically themed bracket contest) - from President Obama to his onetime rival John McCain and even a candidate for governor in Virginia.


Since I work in the White House now, and everyone is triple-obsessed with Bracketology, I’ll give in this time.


I may just be guessing, even though I have seen a few games this year.


My husband went to Mizzou, so I’ve actually watched more Tigers games than ones played by my alma mater Cal.


I’ll be filling out a bracket today for the first time ever - feel free to send your advice before 12:20!


So … Go Bears! I guess.


UPDATE - Here’s what I entered as my official bracket - with Arizona, Duke, UConn and Syracuse in the Final Four and Syracuse winning it all.


Jon Ward - big Terps fan - claims I’ll be mocked endlessly for my wacky picks, and can’t understand why I think the game is completely boring. He also said “people like you have no business doing a bracket.”


But here goes.


In all transparency, my bracket:




Compare that to the POTUS bracket - and his questionable spelling of Mizzou. Those sure look like “S”s to me:




 Christina Bellantoni, White House correspondent,
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