The Washington Times - April 29, 2008, 09:57PM
  • We can think of no place lonelier than a delivery room where a teen FDLS mom has to give birth, nearly alone, to a child she may not be allowed to keep in an uncertain future in a world she has no hold on. Hearbreaking for the child, the mom and how all of this was even allowed to happen. While the whistleblower here may yet be a hoax, there must be more than a few people in Texas, if not the U.S., glad that someone made the call.\ \
  • We saw Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, speak in Detroit and thought his remarks a lot more tame than those delivered at the National Press Club. He was actually an entertaining and intriguing speaker, both well-educated and dare we say funny. It was easy to see how he would be charismatic for a congregation. We suspect his recent public speaking engagements are perhaps designed to promote a future book. And we can’t help but wonder how such Christian values would allow him to continue this rhetoric, knowing how much it could potentially hurt Sen. Obama. Strange. Some have also suggested that he is narcissistic and enjoying the publicity.\ \

  • We can’t help but think that there exists a cautionary tale in the Britney Spears story for young Miley Cyrus, now under fire for photos she took for Vanity Fair magazine. When teen celebs become marketing tools, positioned as sexual objects for future career goals, its worth considering what has transpired not only for Britney but for Lindsay Lohan and others who have seemingly grown up so fast in the limelight. When big money is at stake, sometimes it seems the grown-ups forget their important roles.\ \
  • Our fave story this week is out of West Palm Beach where a would-be robber pulled a gun in a supermarket heist, only to have the store manager as well as the assistant, pull their own guns on him. We wonder if everyone had a concealed weapons permit. Lots of unusual crime stories coming out of South Florida. No wonder so many books and television series are set there.\ \
  • We wonder how tough it is for meteorologists and climatologists who don’t buy into the theory of global warming to stay employed?\ \
  • Some of the latest released pager transcripts between Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff, both under indictment, are certainly not friendly for a family newspaper. Judging from Mr. Kilpatrick’s warm reception at the recent NAACP dinner there, he does have a group of loyal supporters, for now.\ \
  • An apparent Jimi Hendrix sex tape is set to be released. Remember, this is before videocams and YouTube. If true, one thing is for certain: the, er, parameters for rock stars don\0x2019t seem to have changed much. S’cuse me, while I view this file.