The Washington Times - April 22, 2008, 05:56PM
  • A new Web site for real people to dish — on each other, rather than celebs — is on the horizon. It promises a lot of outcry — read publicity — and probably some lawsuits. Check out The potential for abuse seems enormous.\ \ \
  • What kind of legal quandary will emerge once DNA testing is completed on the Mormon sect kids and parents in Utah? Will those dads who fathered children with underage girls be tried for statutory rape? And what about their offspring? Will they ultimately be sent to foster care, particularly when the moms are underage? This story will reverberate for years to come. What we wonder is why it took so long for someone to investigate.\ \ \

  • Good to see that former White House press secretary Tony Snow is well enough to join CNN. Lots of folks rooting for his recovery and to see him punditing in the spotlight soon. We’d enjoy a forum with several of the past press secretaries and how they view their very tough jobs in hindsight.\ \ \
  • Ben Stein‘s “Expelled” is doing a brisk business at the box office thus far. We’ve gotta wonder how often he’s had to listen to “Bueller. Bueller. Anyone? Bueller.” It’s the first thing we think of when we see him, even though we know he’s a total smarty-pants.\ \ \
  • An Indianapolis man who is blind wrestled an intruder and held him at knifepoint until police arrived. Ya gotta love the sheer power of the human spirit. Stories like these continue to amaze.\ \ \
  • President Bush says we are NOT in a recession, despite current indicators. However, existing home sales went up in March in South Florida. Could this mean anything for the rest of the country? We wonder.\ \ \
  • We also wonder if Chelsea Clinton, given the proximity to her famous parents and also politics, might one day pen a book about them in the context of getting involved. We could see this happening after the election. She seemed wildly popular with a growing fascination and admiration for her as a grown-up. She was mobbed as she toured Philly gay bars, too, where she was complimented on her look.\ \ \
    \ Andrea Billups, The Washington Times