The Washington Times - December 15, 2007, 01:22PM

\ Burr … it’s cold here, but the people seem nice. Northwest did not lose our luggage and they were also on time. Loving the building connector bridges in Des Moines. This is inspired. More cities oughta think about this configuration.\

\ Dined last night at 801 Grand, a lovely spot. Who knew? Tom Brokaw in a party of four, seen eating late, round 10 p.m. He looks good, near as we can tell from our Sonoma-Cutrer inspired haze. (After the first of the year, we are switching entirely to white burgundy from the frogs.)\


\ We suspect that the reason why they have caucuses here is because it’s a grand fraternity-hazing scheme for would-be politicians. If you can tromp around the frozen prairie for months on end living out of a suitcase and shaking the hands of all the K-Mart shoppers, then maybe you are fit to lead the land. Certainly this takes stamina.\

\ More from the tour tomorrow. We are off to see Kevin Bacon stump for John Edwards. We may absentmindedly hum the tune from “Footloose.” We just can’t help ourselves. We may also scream from the back of the room, “Whippin’ Post,” also because we can’t help ourselves. Wonder if Kevin Bacon knows any Allman Brothers? Everyone really should. We’ll report back.\

\ Oh, and one more thing. We were super happy to see the cute selection of Hermes trinkets at the duty-free shop. So festive. Snaps!\

\ Andrea Billups, The Washington Times \