The Washington Times - December 20, 2007, 03:00PM

\ We are recovering from our dip into Caucusville but plan to hit the trail again soon.\

\ If you make it to Des Moines, head over to the cool Iowa Historical Society building and check out the Caucus Iowa exhibit. It explains a lot. We recommend it.\


\ Also, we urge you to pop in to dine at 801 Steak & Chop, kind of the Nobu of Des Moines (minus the artful sushi). All the political stars are there — from journos to politicos. We saw Tom Brokaw dining late one night. We recommend. Good grub, chill atmosphere, nice folk. If you are a foody-toadie, check out the wine list, which has some impressive stuff. \

\ We did want to mention to all of our dear, dear Ron Paul fans that we saw the Great Doctor himself. 8:05 a.m. walking into the lobby of the downtown Des Moines Marriott. Two aides, one photog. No big entourage. He was taller than we expected and seemed serious. Maybe he had not had enough coffee, like us. We hate the a.m. It’s our worst time ever.\

\ Des Moines is cool in that they have all these indoor walkways that adjoin buildings. We mused with our esteemed colleague Mary that if you got loaded and tried to take a walk, BAD, BAD things would ensue. You could be sleeping six blocks over near some insurance company’s doorstep. Seriously. It’s quite the municipal labyrinth.\

\ Psychically, we are feeling some political vibes. Call it our Miss Cleo moment. Based on nothing but our hunch, we feel Rudy is in trouble, Mrs. Clinton, fighting back but concerned, Bill Clinton, angry that his wife is losing (cause it means he’s losing, too :-)) Mike Huckabee, feeling stronger and more inspired to be himself in the midst of the cacophany, probably stunned at his luck. The GOP better get itself together or face the prospect of huge division. Lots of candidates, no frontrunners and time is running low. Jeb Bush, Mike Bloomberg — we’re bringing you off the bench. Seriously. These campaign honchos must be scratching their heads at the indifference, really. Lots of money spent and yet. Someone needs to break out of this pack. But we’re hard pressed to say who that might be. At this point, we don’t see it, but we do feel that right now, all of those dudes could get their backsides kicked by Hillary, if not Barack. And BTW, John Edwards is still quite viable in Iowa. Elsewhere, not sure. But there, definitely. \

\ And we would add this, as a bubblebath pundit: the dude or dude-ess who loses Florida is in a pile o’ trouble. Watch Florida (one of our fave states.)\

\ Hey, didya notice we were right on Tim Tebow, the Heisman winner — as a sophomore? LOVE HIM. \

\ Before we head out for more mall shopping, we allow: that Spears family is a trainwreck. We feel double bad for all of these kids brought up in this mess. \