The Washington Times - November 6, 2007, 04:48PM

\ Have you noticed how the TV newschicks on Fox seem to be getting hotter, but once an anchor lands at CNN, they tend to be toned down so much that they look kinda plain?\

\ We loved Fredericka Whitfield’s long hair — she’s a very beautiful woman and a good newsie, too — but her bob makes her look like an aging soccer mom. Hair extensions, puhleeze. We hope they don’t try to do that to Kiran Chetry, who currently looks like Miss U.S.A.\


\ Speaking of good looks: man, that San Fran Mayor Gavin Newsome is bulletproof. Last count — and this is totally wild — dude had divorced his wife, hooked up with a campaign aide’s wife, dated some young thang who showed up at an event and was photographed drinking alcohol AND he unflinchingly promoted gay marriage. None of his personal foibles, however, seems to be sticking politically. He’s a surefire winner once again. Is this because he is attractive, well-dressed and running a very liberal and gay-centric city? It could be. His “hey, I’m human” — and a single dude — mea culpas seem sincere. Other more creepy — and less well-attired — horndog politicos have been undone by even one of these scandals, but snappy Gavin continues to be popular.\

\ Sometimes, just sometimes, we sit back and listen and we think, ya know, that Joe Biden is starting to make a lot of sense — for the Democrats. We’d written him off in the three-way that is Hillary, Obama and Edwards (OK, perhaps it is a two-way but for now, we keep John in). Biden, he’s an old dog and yet his message is fairly clear. We like that. We really do. He’s kind of like the John McCain of the Democratic contenders, saying some good stuff but not really connecting.\

\ That Tyra Banks has become quite the provocative chat show host, no? We can’t help but tune in.\

\ We have amassed a stack of holiday catalogues that is 39 inches tall in our bedroom. We plan on reading them, at some point and quite possibly purchasing some Santa season goodies. Probably be after Christmas before we make it all the way through. These retailers are killin’ a lot of trees, but we don’t hear the Greenies attacking them for the robust commerce. We do, however, feel slightly bad for our postal carrier. His back must be aching.\

\ We give this year’s Christmas stamps a grade C. We should totally be in charge with designing them. They be a lot prettier. AS IF.\

\ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times