The Washington Times - November 7, 2007, 06:40PM
New York Times

\ Speaking of death, perhaps our epitaph might read: “Liked onion rings as much as mascara.”\


\ Ya think Pat Robertson endorsed Mayor Rudy because he’s got nowhere else to go but to face the inevitable: that he’s the nominee? Increasingly, the religious politicos are gonna have to step up to the Rudy plate — his personal life and social-issue stances aside — or face the prospects of a Mrs. President.\

\ Jenna Bush hawked her new book at the Miami Book Fair this week with nary a word about daddy or politics, the Miami Herald reports. Rather, she focused on AIDS and poverty and talked about Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope. We like it that she seems to be coming into her own as a grown-up and focusing on setting her own course. Her folks must really be proud.\

\ Our new theme apparel this winter is sweater dressing with lots of fun boots. There are several cute ones in the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue, just fyi. Please make a note of it. So warm, so easy, so wearable and functional. And not creepy-fussy or stiff like a suit. We’ve gotten plum sick of business attire and are making an executive princess decision to just dress like us. \

\ This writer’s strike has kept us from our sleepytime TV, The Colbert Report. Now we are endlessly searching cable for something funny. It is slim pickings. We really think those South Carolina people — shag this — should have let him on the ballot. He injected a sense of whimsy into the whole ghastly primary affair.\

\ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times