The Washington Times - October 25, 2007, 02:19PM
First Lady Laura Bush
•••\ We like it that people evacuated to Qualcomm Stadium seem to be getting along quite well, despite the fire disaster there in San Diego. Perhaps we learned something with Katrina. Or not.\
•••\ Our galpal Kathy who lives in a coastal town in San Diego County has so far escaped the fire’s wrath. We asked her what she planned to take with her if she was forced out and she said her passport and her pets. And we had to giggle at the thought of her — kind of this spike-heeled, high-maintenance babe of an attorney — evacuating with a bunny and a cat in a convertible Mercedes. And on that note, is there a Ritz-Carlton in Tijuana?\
•••\ We LOVE baseball, but this series match-up is boring us into the ground. Sigh. We really were rooting for Cleveland and, of course, our beloved Tigers. We used to be a Reds fan, but that’s kind of like Little League with big guys these days. AS IF.\
•••\ Mariah Carey says she wants to get married before having children and for a girl who kinda always looks like she wants something else before she gets married, well, it was a nice thing to hear. Perhaps she is a traditionalist at heart. All we’re sayin…\
•••\ Marilyn Manson’s home is on the market for a cool $1.1 million in Chatsworth, Calif. We are thinking of calling the Realtor for a personal tour. Ya never know. We could be quite happy there, particularly if some of his makeup “conveys.”\
•••\ As we head into this daylight savings time bugger — when everything gets dark around 4 p.m. — we could seriously use some new episodes of “Entourage.” We need a winter lift. We really do. We are getting super-addicted to “Tell Me You Love Me.” Lots of attractive folks in the buff here. Complex, too.\
•••\ How is this for a political prediction: what happens in Florida on Jan. 29 is gonna tell us EVERYTHING about what’s going down in November. We think the Sunshine State is gonna be a big barometer of things to come. We really do.\

\ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times