The Washington Times - October 29, 2007, 08:29AM
•••\ \ Someone is stealing undies at Victoria’s Secret. Thefts in five states. Maybe that is why we are having trouble finding anything tasteful in 36C. AS IF. \ \
•••\ \ We love that new governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. We heard him on television this weekend and we were ready to jump on his bandwagon. Now this is the type of new, young and well-educated Republican needed to move this party forward. Certainly, Louisiana is in need of reform. We hope he can bring it. He seems like a total breath of fresh air and a smart dude to boot. If he is as cool as Charlie Crist in Florida, these Southern states are in increasingly good shape. \ \
•••\ \ Barack has gone either all-angry or all-Jesus on Hillary in what seems like an increasingly desperate attempt to set himself apart and draw his own attention in a race that is turned ever one-sided. Maintain dignity, B. You had us more interested when you weren’t trying too hard. You need some more Oprah juice. \ \
•••\ \ Laura Bush on the Sunday Fox talk show with Chris … loving the green wrap, looking glam and acting elegantly chatty as always. She is the master of discretion, a yin to the Cowboy Dubya yang. We dig it that she says she will vote Republican, rather than cast a vote for a woman. She is resolute. Wonder if other women of her age will feel the same way?\ \
•••\ \ Governor Terminator, looking good during the firecasts. We can dig his Zen anger toward the suspected arsonist. If we were that person, we would be halfway to Cabo already. Perhaps justice here would be to turn him loose in San Diego County wearing a sign that says “I set the fires.” It’d save Cally taxpayers the expense of trying him. \ \
•••\ \ If you were a diplomat and your choice was to move to Iraq and man our U.S. outpost there or be fired, would you not consider Option B? It would take a lot of guts to settle down in that insurgent miasma. Not a lot of protection, still a wild, wild place. We’d be looking hard for work in the private sector, particularly if we had a family. Probably sounds cowardly, but not exactly the embassy we’d choose for career — and life — stability. Ick. \ \ \ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times