The Washington Times - October 30, 2007, 09:49AM
•••\ \ It’s Halloween and we finally decided on a costume. We grew tired of being a Scores “employee” and besides that outfit is SO cold … so we got one of our mom’s polyester business suits from 1977 in a bland shade of khaki, then we put on a pair of comfortable but bland pumps, then we left off our good quality concealer, flattened our chest and then, we channeled our best passive-aggressive militant man-hating feminist chick mantra — and voila. With the Hillary mask, we feel very in the sprit of this holiday. We really do. Tee.\ \
•••\ \ Congress is planning on a shorter work week and … so are we. The Democrats dig the socialism so this will be perfect. Perhaps everyone should follow suit. Then America will be as productive as Congress. \ \
•••\ \ We are infinitely fascinated with the marketing industry, as our better half writes about cars and how those get sold. Here’s a fun Web site that helps us keep track of cool stuff, because life is short and you have to keep up: Enjoy, funseekers. \ \
•••\ \ One in four dads spends an hour or less with his kids each day, according to a recent survey. No wonder we are raising a generation of self-absorbed, overweight, computer-game-addicted wimps. \ \
•••\ \ Speaking of parenting: Britney\0x2019s mom is gonna write a tell-all book. Because she’s done such a great job, she’s now an expert. \ \
•••\ \ RIP. Country crooner and Dolly’s favorite duet partner Porter Wagoner is dead. We dug his rhinstone suits, his teased and sprayed hair. We thought he was cool, just country enough for country, ya know. We hope he joins a right fine angel band up there. \ \
•••\ \ Was that actually a World Series? Happened so fast, not even a contest. Snooze. We’ve seen spring training games better than those. \ \
•••\ \ In case you were concerned: McRib is back. Please make a note of it. \ \ \ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times