The Washington Times - October 31, 2007, 09:22AM
•••\ \ Maybe that new Argentinian president, who is a stone-cold fox — well, she IS and she deserves our props — will give some style pointers to some of our U.S. candidates, not that we are suggesting anyone in particular. Man, South America is a hotbed for hot people, no? They breed ‘em beautiful down there. Or at least fix ‘em up to look super pretty. We can’t wait to see her policy (er, ummmm outfits) in action. If we were a well-known fashion designer, we would be sending her our latest frocks straightaway. It’s almost like Miss Universe got her own country to run. \ \
•••\ \ Just so you all know, we have included on our list of top five things we’d take to a deserted island, a high-quality flatiron. Please make a note of it. \ \
•••\ \ The most anticipated Washington wedding of the whole year is going on this Sunday at Temple Micah. We can hardly contain our excitement for the bride, Miss Shana Greatman, a Washington attorney with a big brain and a lovely soul. \ \
•••\ \ We are sorry to hear that Robert Goulet has gone to that great stage in the sky. He was sufficiently unusual for us. It was the eyes. \ \
•••\ \ A University of Florida (GO GATORS) student who yelped ‘“Don’t Tase me, bro!” as he was zapped by campus police with a stun gun and arrested after persistent questioning of Sen. John Kerry has avoided criminal charges if he apologizes and enters a voluntary 18-month probation, the Associated Press reports. What we still want to know is can we get a “Don’t tase me, bro!” t-shirt. We think it will make an excellent stocking stuffer for collegiate-minded folk from all over. DUDE. \ \
•••\ \ We’d be lyin’ if we said we didn’t miss the Anna Nicole controversy just a wee bit. It was a lot more fun than the Britney parenting dramas. \ \ \ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times