The Washington Times - February 13, 2008, 03:06PM

\ If we were Hillary Clinton, we might now feel that the wheels were coming off a bit. Yes, she’s powerful and has a lot of money and we are not ready to dismiss her just yet. But the momentum shift is palpable. Question is, how well would the Barackster fare against the General in a head to head contest? We aren’t totally sure. We must ponder and poll. The Dems must be as divided on their candidates as the GOP is on McCain.\


\ One day til Valentine’s Day. A word of knowledge: Dudes, she probably doesn’t dig carnations so much. Lilies, yes. Cheapness no. All we’re sayin… If you can cook, invite her over and show her you know your way around the kitchen. If you can’t, dinner out also works, but you gotta do the planning and make the reservations. Take the lead. \

\ Some drama on the Hill today with Roger Clemens facing off with his former trainer on the issue of steroid use. Clemens seems super-motivated to salvage his legacy in baseball. Extremely defiant in his own defense. You’ve got to wonder who is telling the truth here and why each side would go to such great lengths to defend their position. Does this trainer have a book deal? We love baseball and we hate it when such a beautiful game is tainted like this.\

\ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times