The Washington Times - January 3, 2008, 11:59PM

\ And, while we are on a roll: What about a McCain-Huckabee ticket? Or a Guiliani-Huckabee ticket? Would that work? Ponder, discuss. Certainly a Huckabee win means that people are sick of status quo candidates and folks who look slick. And finally, would Evan Bayh be the parfait running mate for Barack? Both Midwesterners, but still.\


\ In other more important news: Our Hubris ‘N’ Handbags Tour resumes in New Hampshire this weekend. The pink leopard motif on our tour bus looks magnfico and we are ready to rock the Granite State (ba dum dum, we’ll be here all week). Look for our usual updates from the campaign trail. Yankeeville again. (Our esteemed former colleague Dave suggests a side trip to the Coach outlet in Maine, but we doubt we can work that in, sadly, even if a new bag would make us truly a better reporter.) For local recon, we are meeting up with our galpal Kate who lives up there and who is gonna set us straight about politics in the Shire. Which sounds oddly like a Hobbitt film, no? But that’s what they call it. We can hardly wait for our tour to go South. South Carolina, Florida. Warmth. Sand, tanktops. It’s all there. This winter crap is starting to bogue our high.\

\ Apart from the obvious horserace, we saw where Mittens is telling anyone who is gonna hit him not to touch the hair and we completely understand. We don’t like people disassembling our precious coif either. Wonder what kind of hairspray he uses? We must find out. It’s the little things that vex us. Mittens has super stay-in-place hair. It must be good.\

\ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times \