The Washington Times - August 15, 2008, 12:46PM

BEIJING — It seems many Chinese people aren’t too concerned about the recent conflict between Russia and the the former Soviet republic of Georgia. The Olympics continue uninterrupted.



Russian athletes and spectators are enjoying the Games and there’s been no notable outbursts between the two countries on or off the fields.


Among the political and social elite who are paying attention in the midst of the Olympic frenzy, there is some division over the ordeal because China has historically frowned upon secessionist movements such as Taiwan. However, China is a staunch ally of Russia, a nation now supporting South Ossetia’s desire for autonomy. This leaves China with its hands tied, according to Chinese media.


David Kakabadze, head of the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Georgian Service, said it’s no accident that the attacks coincided with Games.


“If you are asking my personal opinion, it’s quite likely that it was very carefully planned,” Kakabadze said during a conference call with bloggers sponsored by the Heritage Foundation. “August is the best time to carry out this kind of operation. Many Western politicians are on holiday, so the Western response took several days. I would say it came a bit too late.”


– Carrie Sheffield, The Washington Times