The Washington Times - April 19, 2007, 03:20PM
John PattersonFrom Robert in Springfield: SEE RELATED:

Mark Zuckerman:NL EastMarlinsFrom Jeffrey Saffelle in Alexandria:Mark Zuckerman:From Brian in Mount Vernon:Mark Zuckerman:By the way, here’s the link to that Cordero story I was telling you about…From Milt in Reston:Manny ActaMark Zuckerman:Ronnie BelliardFrom Gary V. in Arlington:Mark Zuckerman:From Michael in Alexandria:Cristian GuzmanMark Zuckerman:From John in Alexandria:Mark Zuckerman:From Michael Kraft in Detroit:Mark Zuckerman:From Screech’sBestFriend in Alexandria:Mark Zuckerman:From Chris in Alexandria:Mark Zuckerman:From GoNats! in Manassas:Mark Zuckerman:From The Fan in Richmond:Mark Zuckerman:OK, folks, that’ll do it for this week. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. I was a little worried we wouldn’t have a good turnout after realizing my esteemed competitor was holding his own live chat an hour before ours. Apparently, he didn’t get the message that we’ve been doing these at 2 p.m. Wednesday since the season started. First-come, first-serve, right? (I’m kidding, of course. We’re all friends on the Nats beat… most of the time.)\ \ \ Anyways, I’ll talk to you next Wednesday from sunny San Diego. And remember, I also answer reader questions every Monday in the Nats Mailbag. So if something’s on your mind before next Wednesday, send your inquiries to [email protected] and I’ll publish answers to them on Monday. So long for now!