The Washington Times - July 31, 2008, 11:59PM
Paul Lo DucaFelipe Lopez SEE RELATED:

JIM BOWDENWhat message do you want to send?What happened to Lopez the last two years?WashingtonHow did Lo Duca take the news?Was there no interest from other teams in those guys?PAUL LO DUCAReaction?What are you going to do now?What are your emotions?Were you surprised?Will you look in Marlins?On leaving teammates:FELIPE LOPEZWere you expecting this?How does this make you feel?Why do you think it didn’t work out for you here?Do you think you were given enough opportunity to prove yourself?Feel like you still have some good baseball left?You said it was frustration. Sometimes we saw it maybe as not running hard and stuff like that. Were you frustrated sometimes doing stuff like that?