The Washington Times - April 13, 2009, 04:24PM

The Nats’ offense is generating enough production early to keep the team in the game. But they could be up 2-0, instead of down 4-2, if they didn’t keep making the kinds of mistakes bad teams often make.

First, Daniel Cabrera: He let the second inning get away from him by walking two straight batters with two outs—the same kinds of struggles he had finishing the fifth inning last week in Florida. (He just gave up another run in the fourth as I write this, so it’s 4-2).


Then there’s the two errors Anderson Hernandez made in the first three innings, both of which led to runs. The Nats are counting on him to be a defensive upgrade at second base, and for the most part, he’s solid with the glove. But he still has too many lapses.

One bright (if trivial) spot: Cabrera got a sacrifice bunt down in the third inning, the first time he’s put a ball in play in a major-league plate appearance. It, of course, didn’t count as an at-bat, so he’s 17-for-17 in strikeouts after just whiffing in the fourth.