The Washington Times - August 16, 2009, 09:05PM

A version of this list appears in the Monday dead-tree edition, but in case it didn’t make it online I figured I’d toss it up here on Chatter.

As of Sunday evening, 14 players selected in the first round of June’s draft had yet to sign. Six of them are represented by Scott Boras — including, of course,  the No. 1 selection, Stephen Strasburg.


Thanks to a little help from Baseball America (a good link to visit often tomorrow) and, here’s a quick look at the players who will keep Scott Boras Corporation busy Monday:

1. Stephen Strasburg, Nationals: Boras wants to set a benchmark with the San Diego State pitcher.

2. Dustin Ackley, Mariners: Seattle signed one of its two first-rounders Sunday, giving high school shortstop Nick Franklin $1.28 million to sign.

3. Donavan Tate, Padres: Boras and Co. are holding Tate’s North Carolina football scholarship over the Padres’ heads.

9. Jacob Turner, Tigers: Another high school player who is headed to North Carolina if he doesn’t sign with Detroit.

13. Grant Green, Athletics: The Southern Cal shortstop is one of three top picks Oakland has yet to sign.

30. LeVon Washington, Rays: The speedy high school infielder told Tampa Bay he wanted to sign soon, but it has dragged out to the last day

- John Taylor