The Washington Times - August 22, 2009, 03:23PM

The Nationals are holding their annual “Picnic in the Park” this afternoon, a chance for season-ticket holders to tour the dugout and bullpen, get autographs, take photos with players, etc. Just one problem: It’s begun raining, and there’s no end in sight.

Indeed, if you look at the Dopplar radar, you can see a giant mass of green, yellow and red headed this way from the southwest. Now, I’m no meteorologist, but I can tell this thing isn’t just going to pass through town in an hour or two. It’s not going to stop raining until well into tonight.


So that begs the question: Will tonight’s game be played? Past history tells us the Nats (who call the shots until the first pitch is thrown) are willing to wait it out before starting a ballgame. We’ve had home games start well after 9 p.m. this season. So if team officials believe the rain will clear out before it gets too late into the night, they’ll try to play this one.

That said, remember this is a four-game, wraparound series against the Brewers, with a 1:35 p.m. game scheduled for tomorrow and a 4:35 p.m. getaway game scheduled for Monday. It would not be difficult to play two tomorrow, should the Nats choose. Stay tuned, if there’s any news along those lines, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, check out the lineup Jim Riggleman is planning to field if and when tonight’s game ever starts…

CF Nyjer Morgan

SS Alberto Gonzalez

1B Adam Dunn

3B Ryan Zimmerman

2B Ronnie Belliard

RF Elijah Dukes

LF Jorge Padilla (first career start)

C Wil Nieves

P John Lannan