The Washington Times - February 22, 2009, 03:33PM
GM Jim Bowden Have you had any contact with Odalis? SEE RELATED:

What step will organization take if he doesn’t report today? How shocked are you by this? Did Odalis have any hesitance at the time he signed the deal? How close were you to arbitration with Willingham and Zimmerman? Based on what you’ve seen last few days, what do you think of your team? What are reasonable expectations for this team? Is there one guy who, if he reaches his potential, could have a huge impact on this team? Does this remind you of any other teams you’ve had in the past? Can this be this year’s Rays? Do you have to be careful not think you can count on Shawn Hill because of his injury history? What ultimately will decide whether your young prospects are ready to make this team? Where are you at in rebuilding process? On surplus of outfielder/first basemen: Do you see yourself going after any more veteran free agents still available? Is the bullpen where you’d most likely do something like that? Pressure of having No. 1 draft pick? How is the second base competition stacking up?