The Washington Times - July 20, 2009, 07:02PM

We’re still waiting to hear the latest on Scott Olsen’s meeting with James Andrews today — the Nationals said the pitcher is flying back from Birmingham, Ala., right now and are withholding any information from the meeting until after the game — but the early reports don’t look good.

Interim manager Jim Riggleman said an MRI of Olsen’s shoulder showed some “labrum issues” — a phrase that, for any pitcher, usually sets the recovery timetable in months, not weeks. Chad Cordero, you’ll recall, had a torn labrum after shoulder tendinitis and a torn lat muscle last year, and he’s still trying to get back to his old form with the Mariners. We’ll know later tonight if Olsen is on the same progression — his lat injury, to this point, is only a strain — but he’s certainly treading similar ground so far.


“Any time you hear that word (labrum), we figure that’s going to be a while,” Riggleman said. “From hearing the word labrum, that tells you it’s going to be a while before he pitches.”

Asked if he thought the injury could end Olsen’s season, Riggleman said, “I don’t know. How much time we got left? We’ve got two and a half months. I know it’s going to be a number of weeks, and then you’ve got to build him back up. The days go off the calendar pretty quick between starts. We’ll address it as we get closer to that time.”

More once we get an update from the Nationals.