The Washington Times - June 19, 2009, 12:48PM

The Nationals left Yankee Stadium last night about six hours later than they were planning to, but you won’t find anyone in the clubhouse who would say it wasn’t worth the wait. Washington’s series win over the Yankees will probably stand as one of the biggest accomplishments of the season, and the Nationals start a six-game homestand with the Blue Jays and Red Sox tonight.

Here is the game story from last night’s 3-0 win. Most of it focused on the Nats’ defense, which, for a change, saved the game instead of sealing a loss.


Now the question is: Can the Nats build on the two wins and create something resembling a consistent stretch of baseball? This won’t be an easy homestand—with two more AL East opponents, in fact, it might be one of the toughest of the year—but a couple wins at home would at least show some signs of progress.

And it would also spare Manny Acta of the questions about his job status, which he’s likely to get again today as the Nationals come home for the first time since rumors that Acta was about to be fired started flying last Saturday. He took a surprising number of those questions from the New York media this week—probably because Acta is still a known commodity in New York from his days with the Mets and their supposed infatuation with him—and he answered them in stride.

After that, and after the Nationals beat the Yankees twice, the glare probably won’t seem so blinding.