The Washington Times - March 2, 2009, 10:16AM

Pretty quiet day here at Space Coast Stadium; a few players are trickling in and out of the clubhouse, and Randy St. Claire engaged in a spirited game of Wiffle ball with some of his pitchers. But since you’re probably more interested in how this team is functioning a day after Jim Bowden‘s resignation, here’s what I know:

Stan Kasten is currently in charge of day-to-day baseball operations, meaning if somebody calls with a trade offer, he’s the one picking up the phone. Not sure what that means for Mike Rizzo, who presumably is in the same role he was before Bowden left, rather than sliding into the GM’s spot. But we’re hoping to track Kasten down later today.


Also, Joel Hanrahan has been named to the U.S. World Baseball Classic roster, joining Adam Dunn, who was a late pick yesterday. Hanrahan got the call when a trio of relievers — the Los Angeles Angels’ Brian Fuentes, Minnesota’s Joe Nathan and Toronto’s B.J. Ryan — all pulled out. Hanrahan got a strong recommendation from hitting coach Rick Eckstein, who was an assistant coach during the 2008 Summer Olympics, and after speaking to former teammate Chad Cordero, who pitched for the U.S. in 2006, Hanrahan decided to go for it.

Check back for more later in the day.