The Washington Times - September 15, 2009, 03:26PM

MLB announced its 2010 schedule today, a few weeks earlier than in the past. Obviously there’s still plenty of baseball to be played the rest of the way this year, but it’s never too early to take a look ahead.

The Nationals will get to open at home (April 5 against the Phillies) but after that three-game series immediately hit the road for New York and Philly.


The Nationals (and their fans) also get an early look at one of baseball’s best teams, as they’ll welcome the Boston Red Sox to Nationals Park for an exhibition game on Saturday, April 3

Here’s the quick version of the full slate:

April 5, 7-8: vs. Phillies

April 9-11: at Mets

April 12, 14-15: at Phillies

April 16-18: vs. Brewers

April 19-22: vs. Rockies

April 23-25: vs. Dodgers

April 26-28: at Cubs

April 30-May 2: at Marlins

May 4-6: vs. Braves

May 7-9: vs. Marlins

May 10-12: at Mets

May 13-16: at Rockies

May 17-18: at Cardinals

May 19-20: vs. Mets

May 21-23: vs. Orioles (interleague)

May 25-27: at Giants

May 28-30: at Padres

May 31-June 3: at Astros

June 4-6: vs. Reds

June 8-10: vs. Pirates

June 11-13: at Indians (interleague)

June 15-17: at Tigers (interleague)

June 18-20: vs. White Sox (interleague)

June 21-23: vs. Royals (interleague)

June 25-27: at Orioles (interleague)

June 28-30: at Braves

July 1-4: vs. Mets

July 6-8: vs. Padres

July 9-11: vs. Giants

July 13: All-Star Game at Anaheim

July 16-18: at Marlins

July 19-22: at Reds

July 23-25: at Brewers

July 27-29: vs. Braves

July 30-Aug. 1: vs. Phillies

Aug. 2-5: at Diamondbacks

Aug. 6-8: at Dodgers

Aug. 10-12: vs. Marlins

Aug. 13-15: vs. Diamondbacks

Aug. 17-19: at Braves

Aug. 20-22: at Phillies

Aug. 23-25: vs. Cubs

Aug. 26-29: vs. Cardinals

Aug. 30-Sept. 1: at Marlins

Sept. 3-5: at Pirates

Sept. 6-8: vs. Mets

Sept. 10-12: vs. Marlins

Sept. 13-15: at Braves

Sept. 17-19: at Phillies

Sept. 20-23: vs. Astros

Sept. 24-26: vs. Braves

Sept. 27-29: vs. Phillies

Oct. 1-3: at Mets