The Washington Times - September 26, 2009, 10:40AM

Good morning to you. We’ve got a rare 1:05 p.m. Saturday game today. Making it even more rare is the fact Ryan Zimmerman won’t be in the lineup for the Nationals. I assume this is a simple day off for Zim, but Jim Riggleman will clear that up for us shortly.

Before we get to the full starting lineups, a clarification: In this morning’s paper (er, actually E-edition, since we no longer publish a Saturday paper) I wrote about the changes to some season ticket prices for next season. I noted how some sections of the Presidents Club and Diamond Club are being converted to non-premium seats, with significant price reductions. What I forgot to point out, though, is that the prices will be different for the two sections. The converted Presidents Club seats, which had gone for $300 this year, will be $150 next year. The converted Diamond Club seats, which had been $175 this year, will be $75 next year.


OK, onto the lineups. Root for a quick ballgame today, because there’s heavy rain coming, perhaps as soon as 3 p.m. …


CF Willie Harris

3B Pete Orr

LF Josh Willingham

1B Adam Dunn

RF Elijah Dukes

C Josh Bard

2B Alberto Gonzalez

SS Ian Desmond

P Garrett Mock


CF Nate McLouth

2B Martin Prado

3B Chipper Jones

C Brian McCann

LF Garret Anderson

SS Yunel Escobar

1B Adam LaRoche

RF Matt Diaz

P Tommy Hanson